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ACS project

Active Cooling System

Project Category:  Cooling technology, thermal management for power LED fixtures,  power electronics



Product description and its differentiation

The problem we are trying to solve.

The improving of structure and functionality of Active Cooling System (based on combination of original heat sink, fan and thermo control circuitry) for the best integrity ACS with power LED fixture (in the terms of thermal contact, placement into LED fixture construction, size, shape, weight, art design requirements). To increase the total efficiency and reliability of ACS and to reduce its dimensions and cost price accordingly.

What is really different/smart/unique about our solution?

The main innovation idea is using NTC thermistors not just for sensing of temperature of heat sink (like in traditional circuitry for fan’s speed control) but also for direct current control of the fan by means of connecting NTC thermistor array (matrix) directly in the power line between fan and power supply. This technical solution simplifies extremely the control loop (actually BOM consist of just one item – NTC thermistor), reduces size and weight of circuitry and increase the reliability of ACS in whole. The novelty of ACS was proven by the granting of patents  USA  #8070324 and # 8896212 .

ACS itself consists now of three main parts: heat sink, fan, and thermal control circuitry TCC which can be combined in various configurations for more appropriate integrity into LED fixture (or another object of cooling, power electronics device for example). The final result is simplicity in the manufacturing (assembling) of integrated cooling system.

What are the key benefits of our solution?

At least three original innovative products (in accordance to basic configurations of ACS) can be delivered to Thermal Management segment of market:

  • LED array (COB) on the PCB (as substrate) with fully integrated thermo control circuitry (TCC) directly on PCB (no analogue products on the market now);
  • Micro module (or customized integral circuitry –IC) as stand alone TCC unit for fan control and thermal protection of cooling object (no analogue products on the market now).
  • Active Cooling Module (ACM) as fan integrated with TCC and fan directly in the one unit (no analogue products on the market now).

Who will benefit from our solution? 

  • Companies – manufacturers of power (at least more then 20W) LED fixtures.
  • Companies – manufacturers of power electronics (power supplies, converters, drivers, etc)
  • Companies – manufacturers of active cooling systems (ACS) on the base of heat sink, fan, TCC.
  • Companies – manufacturers of LED COB.
  • Companies – manufacturers of IC/micro module for Thermal Management.
  • Companies – manufacturers of heat sinks with integrated fans (Fansink).
  • Companies – manufacturers of consumer electronics with cooling function (fun, cooler, mini refrigerator, etc.)
  • Companies – manufacturers of auto/moto lighting systems

Our business model 

  • Value-added reseller
  • Systems integrator
  • Original equipment manufacturer
  • Technology transfer to strategic business partners
  • Licensing agreements with companies – manufacturers accordingly.
  • Future development of this innovative cooling technology.

Our financial model 


Description of sales and marketing activities 

  • Searching for promotion (technology transfer) companies as business partners.
  • Promotion this technology by Web site, direct mailing.
  • Elaborating promotional materials (Power Point presentations, flyers, posters, sales data sheets).

What are objectives we will achieve through our solution?

  • To improve technical and economical parameters of Active Cooling System (ACS).
  • To reduce complexity and cost price of the manufacturing of LED fixtures, for example.

According to different Market Forecasts we will expand the possibilities of Thermal Management by new hardware on the market.


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