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A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electrical current passes through it.

When it comes to bright ideas, light-emitting diodes lights (or LED lights) are incredibly energy efficient and long lasting. Unlike traditional incandescent or even CFL bulbs, they illuminate when the movement of electrons across semiconductor creates light. Historically, they’ve been too expensive to be practical for most residential use, but companies are working to make it more affordable for consumers to have at home


Dear visitors,

We thank you for your interest in the topic of LED Support Web Site and the ability to communicate and exchange information and opinions of professionals and hobbyists, experienced inventors and aspiring innovators.

In presenting our ideas and developments, techniques and projects, we will be closer to a practical approach the average company that performs its own designing and manufacturing their own products. MP Lighting is a perfect example of such company.





Our international team is composed of members from different countries, different ages, and different specialties. Our veterans have tinkered about the first transistor radio in their garages and kitchens, and then assembled the first computers, now they are held by professionals with great experience in execution of complex projects. A young people not even have seen that the old electronics and now they are working on the perfect equipment, using modern technologies and programs. In our community there are physics and mathematics, engineers and inventors, researchers and programmers. Having respect and gratitude to our veterans, we encourage also our youth to engage in research and creative work and accumulate valuable experience.

However, the most important quality that unites us all is the constant craving for the new, the desire to try our hand in the fields of science and technology, high technology, invention and innovation.

New technology development and design of solid-state light sources on the base of powerful LED has attracted the attention of many of us, because of its relevance and strong relationship with another worldwide problem of energy efficiency and energy savings in already explicit expressions of an energy crisis.

Since this modern technology is fundamentally different from the traditional ways of getting the light, there are enough important technical problems, requiring their solution. In a diverse area of research and development involved thermal, electrical, optical processes; new materials, modeling and optimization of processes and structures; issues of testing, certification and standardization of new products. These concentration problems, many experts are engineering task worthy of their high professional level, the more that the potential market for solid-state light sources huge now.

We invite all who are interested in technology Solid State Lighting (SSL); take a creative part in the work of this Web Site. From our side we will make every effort to create a friendly and comfortable environment for communication and exchange of views and ideas for our visitors.

We are proud to represent any player on LED Lighting industry market. Each of them to contribute their creativity, efforts and hard work in this progressive and wonderful technology. Therefore, each of them may to get our support in the promotion their products and services. We are using modern technologies by connection with main social networks for intensive distribution knowledge and information. You can estimate here our approach (please, click on PARTNERSHIP). Your company, product or service may be presented also in this manner. Just scroll down and fill out application form below.

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