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MP Lighting – Architectural Lighting Company specializes in LED fixtures, Low voltage, Line voltage and  Multy-Circuit Track systems

Established in 1994, MP Lighting is a Canadian owned and operated company with headquarters in Vancouver, BC. Products are suited for commercial, institutional,
industrial, hospitality, restaurants, and residential applications. MP Lighting began with the design of two ceiling mount fixtures and one of the very first cable systems in Canada. Today, the product line has grown to over 150 products available in numerous mounting options and systems. MP Lighting’s 40,000 sq ft factory, a CSA certification lab, R&D Lab, LED testing equipment, and complete production facilities. All products are designed, tested, and assembled on-site to ensure quality and performance.


Directional lights are great for highlighting walls,staircases, ceilings, hallways, and columns. These in-grade lights blend into any setting, thanks to their minimal style and functionality. Recessed in-ground lighting brings out architectural & landscape features as well as providing safety.

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Wall Mount

Light up pathways with wall mount luminaires to create a welcoming ambiance. Wall mount luminaires are best used for illuminating dark pathways, staircases, ramps, aisles, walkways and for grazing the wall. This collection will add definition, safety at a low energy cost.

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Outdoor bollards are essential for illuminating pathways and driveways. By providing illumination at night, the bollard will act as a marker between areas and add a modern effect to an exterior space.

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Wine Rack System

The wine rack is perfect to display a wine collection or feature bottles. This is a modular bottle rack system that produces no UV or heat, and is used in restaurants, bars, and wine cellars. It is functional yet visually appealing and adds comfort to the room when installed.

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Surface Mount Downlight

The interior downlight is intended for lighting hallways, office spaces, auditoriums, hotels and residential settings. Surface mounted downlights provide an overall illumination while complementing the room with its minimal clean lines and modern style. It is efficient and guarantees the maximum light output.

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Recessed Downlight

Recessed downlights can be used to illuminate rooms, auditoriums, and hallways. These downlights are simple yet versatile while giving general lighting in the room with minimal glare.

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Linear strip lights available in custom lengths produce light on a ceiling or surface. They provide beautiful lighting effects and can be installed in ceiling coves, wall slots, cabinets, and under benches. The linear products create an inviting ambiance and can be used to improve safety. They are versatile in mounting options – suspended, surface mount and recessed.

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Cabinet lights are recessed or surface mounted and are perfect for providing light in display cases, kitchens, cabinets, restaurant, millwork, or in wine cellars. The
cabinet light will brighten any space where task or accent lighting is required. The full shroud and half shroud accessories are available to help reduce glare.

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Luminaires from a ceiling to illuminate a space such as an office, foyer, or dining room. Pendants provide decorative lighting while creating an ambiance in the room. They can be freely arranged to a preferred composition to express the design of the space.

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MP Lighting offers a variety of discreet spotlights for task and accent lighting applications. Our products are available in a variety of beam spreads – all with minimal glare. These can be used for highlighting architectural features, objects, signage and other details where a small, minimalistic product is required with a high output.

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Research & Development Lab

All MP Lighting products are designed, tested, and assembled in-house to ensure quality and performance. Prototypes are modeled using a 3D printer while testing is done in our independent CSA lab, resulting in quicker development times. Products are made to order by our skilled assembly technicians. All products are also tested according to LM-79 standards in an integrating sphere system. Test results include color temperature, color rendering, light flux, electrical power, and efficacy.
Product specifications in our catalogues and on our website are accurate, ensuring industry standards for light output and energy efficiency are met.

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IP Portfolio

MP Lighting, a designer and manufacturer of innovative LED fixtures, owner of the Patent portfolio relating to its Active Cooling System (ACS) for LED lighting industry.

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MP Lighting Catalog 2019-2020

Please download MP Lighting latest Catalog 2019-2020.

MP Lighting Price List 2019-2020

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