With MP Lighting interior design the University Library Sees really Modern

“students working in these rooms enjoy bright lighting while feeling a sense of immersion in the surrounding landscape.”.

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Upon entering the building, its large windows and new vertical lighting now “inspire a sense of clarity and serenity,” Pelletier says. “The L191 pendant lamps by MP Lighting reflect the library’s unique identity,” the architect adds, noting that “the entrance zone is also the only place where we installed those particular lights.”..

And in the low-ceilinged basement, worktables were equipped with soft desk lights in the form of L161 linear LED lamps by MP Lighting, while the same company’s surface-mounted L106 fixtures now line the walls…

Bishop’s University Library in Sherbrooke, Quebec

Bishop’s University Library in Sherbrooke, Quebec: Contemporary Campus Building Development in Canada – design by Lemay – Bishop’s University Library in Sherbrooke, Quebec Campus Building, Architecture Images…

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Creating Sub-Spaces for Lighting Each Zone
As well as bridging the inside and outside, the designers wanted to create multifunctional zones while keeping traffic moving smoothly. Today’s libraries are versatile spaces, where people can study and read, and also gather, work on group projects, have discussions and attend training sessions. “We built a large wooden spine on each floor. It snakes through the entire building, connecting each functional zone,” the architect says. Whether their destination is a study room, large or small meeting room, desk or reading corner, students can easily find their way.

To separate the zones and give each one a distinctive ambience, LumiGroup specified directional and spotlighting. In the basement, worktables are equipped with low desk lights in the form of L161 linear LED lamps or L191 Pendant by MP Lighting. The lights are attached to the tables along with their entire length, allowing students to study comfortably for hours on end.

In the stacks, L106 surface-mounted linear fixtures by MP Lighting are installed around the entire perimeter of the building to provide fresh illumination for the once-dim basement. “The basement was a problem, because, not only was there zero natural light or sunshine, its ceiling is very low. That makes the space feel dark and cramped.